Shanghai Meton Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.

Meton Pharmaceuticals Co., LTD., established in 2015 and basing in Shanghai, China, is dedicated to innovative (first-in-class) drug discovery. Benefiting from the long-time research experience of our scientists in cancer metabolism, Meton’s current R&D strategy is to target tumor-related metabolic enzymes for potential therapeutic solutions. We have built up a comprehensive discovery platform and our team with professional expertise is keeping all projects advancing in fast track. So far, all two projects are on the way from lead optimization to PCC. Besides venture capital, our work is also sponsored by “National Major Scientific婷婷丁香社区-高兴蒲月婷婷深深爱-色女人久久综合网and Technological Special Project for ’Significant New Drugs Development’ " from Ministry of Science and Technology of China. Innovative, original R&D in compliance with law and regulation are believed to embody our values and fulfill our visions.


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